Calling All Yogis

So, I’m kinda realllllly into Yoga. All kinds/types of Yoga…ESPECIALLY a lil move called savasana :D.

OK first…let’s rewind back to November 2016 when I was in Hawaii (an amazing vacay with my family BTW). We were at this beautiful hotel on the north shore of Oahu. The view was amazing, we were secluded – it was beautiful. The hotel we were at was really really nice. They had a super hardcore gym with fitness classes you could sign up for (AND pay additional cost for – LOL). The first day we got there, we wanted to sign up to do a 7 AM yoga class facing the sunrise.

I was always a big “skeptic” of yoga. AKA I was embarrassed to try it because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to balance, I wasn’t flexible enough, I wasn’t strong enough to hold myself up, etc. I didn’t even want to do it when we were in Hawaii. I was like “this is stupid, I like hard core workouts”. OK NIKKI.

HOWEVER, my awesome parents were going to do it…so I was like alright well if they can do it, I can do it. I woke up, did the class, and all my fears were confirmed. At one point I actually burst out laughing during one of the poses because I had no idea what I was doing. I definitely wasn’t flexible enough, didn’t know any of the moves, and wasn’t strong enough for some of the positions.

Looking back, the girl who taught the class definitely was not offering any assistance (which I know now is NOT the norm). Teachers are always willing to offer help or assistance with your form and guide you if you’re unfamiliar with a position. After that I was like ok nope never again.

THENNNN…I found out about CorePower Yoga and a class called (hot) Yoga Sculpt. I had heard that there were weights involved, it was way less ~yogi posing~ and much more cardio and body pump-esque. One of my coworkers was teaching the class, I signed up for a free week, and I was there.

Let me tell you…it was HARD; but MAN was it rewarding. I felt like I had accomplished so much in just an hour’s worth of class! On top of that, I felt so free. The small simple act of leaving your phone in a locker/car and not looking at it for an hour and a half, being alone with your thoughts, focusing on your breath and the movements of your body, pushing yourself all the way…just clicked with me. The next day I did a C2 class, which is for more advanced Yogis. Again, my friends were attending (it’s great when you can hold each other accountable and go together) and I had that free week, so I said SHORE! – but would I be judged?! I didn’t know ANY yoga moves and I barely knew the names of the poses.

Let me just say that I have learned that yoga “people” are some the least judgmental people I’ve ever met in my life. You can literally go into a class and lay in savasana the entire time, and no one will say anything to you. One of the instructors said to me, “you’re not any more zen or enlightened just because you can do the splits or perfectly execute a crow” – and it’s so true (although it is pretty cool). During class, you can cry, sweat it all out, take a break, do your own thing…literally no one cares. What ever feels right for you, your body and your breath is fair game.

Since I joined CorePower I’ve been to about 10 classes and I will definitely continue to go to more. You work your entire body and on top of that you work and simultaneously relax your mind.

Each class, you begin and end with an intention. I always take them to heart and focus on them the entire time. During the most recent class I took, the intention was to focus on your self worth – to focus on the fact that you are enough and you are valued in everything you do every day and to remember that.

And of course…it doesn’t hurt to end each day with a little *savasana*.